Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrate Love Series: Valentine's Countdown

Today I'm sharing the first project for the "Celebrate Love Series."  Being married for almost three years now, I am continuously aware of how important it is to take time out for one another.  Our lives often get so busy with work and ministry that we forget to plan things to do together, which is why I put together today's DIY project.  

This Valentine's Countdown will help facilitate some quality time between you and your special someone.  It will also give you 14 opportunities to spend time together instead of just one on Valentine's Day.  Each day you'll open an envelope and complete the task written on the card.  For ours, I chose things we really enjoy doing together and a lot of the activities I picked won't cost us anything.  I don't think spending time together needs to be expensive, it just needs to be intentional.  Honestly, some of the best things we've done for one another have been free.  

Here's how to create your own Valentine's Countdown: Fill out 14 cards with a way to celebrate one another and put one card inside each envelope.  Put your envelopes up so you'll remember to open one each day leading up to Valentine's Day.  I arranged mine in the shape of a heart in the image above.  Choose one envelope daily to open and complete the task on the card together.  You'll need:
  1. 14 envelopes
  2. 14 index cards (or download the ones I made here)
  3. A pen 
  4. Scissors (if you download the template)
Be creative in coming up with ways to celebrate one another. Choose activities you'll both enjoy, will enhance your relationship and are a mixture of budget friendly and free activities.  Scroll down to see what we cam up with. I hope you enjoy this simple DIY project for Valentine's Day. -blessings, Brittany 

Here are what we put on our cards in case you need some inspiration:
  1. Go for a walk together
  2. Get frozen yogurt
  3. Have dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date
  4. Get french macaroons at our favorite Bakery
  5. Watch a movie by the fire
  6. Husband's choice
  7. Have a quiet dinner at home
  8. Go to the Jazz club by our house
  9. Exchange handwritten notes
  10. Pack each other's lunch for work 
  11. Go to a movie together
  12. Take a weekend day trip
  13. Go hiking together
  14. Get dinner from our favorite restaurant to go

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